Poker Poker Pros and Cons

You’ve finally made it! You’ve played Texas Hold’em for hours and hours, dodged some scary all ins, made some huge bluffs and after surviving a coin flip against you opponent you find yourself at the final table. You are thoroughly exhausted and so it’s time to relax a bit, grab your jacket and go to the safe in your room. As you walk the couple of steps to your room you suddenly hear a noise behind you, it’s the meticulous click of a mouse as it lands on the desktop. It’s Poker! Freaky isn’t it?

Well if you don’t already know the rules of Texas Hold’em then you probably have more or less a working knowledge of the game. Before you go out and learn more you might want to get a few things up to speed especially around the tables. Learning the tables, the hands, shades, blinks, how to tilt, agent fees, tips and more is only half the battle. The other half is down to how many chips you bring to the table you want to win.

Make sure you know the rules when it comes to playing your hand. That means knowledge of the position of your cards, what cards can win and what your opponent’s cards can win. Take some time and learn each part of the game and see if you can begin to memorize them with ease. You might think you have a bit of an idea after a few hands but unless you can count to 21 very well or have photographic memory you need another strategy.

Once you’ve mastered the standard cards you can try a variation of cards known as poker out. This involves each player receiving three cards instead of two. Many of the pros will only play with three cards, the more the merrier. Three cards is also when you can tell if someone has hit a two pair, big cards or a high card. If someone’s cards are high they might be playing with two pairs or be playing some other high card draw type of game.

Cons of Four Card Egp88

Pros Better hands win more in poker so keep that in mind.

Cons It’s quite arah versatile game, anything can happen it’s a game of chance.

Cons You can lose all your money very fast so play for fun and less of an addictive game


If you’re sitting at home or anywhere else and you want a bit of poker fun then you should give four card poker a try. It’s pretty harmless and if you’re bored it’s a cheap way to fill some time. Don’t expect to win big at all but if you’re recreational player it can be a cheap fun game that’s low risk of losing money.

Now, if you want to win money playing poker you’re going to have to study some Texas Hold Em guides or books. Learn all the different strategies and then take the time to read an article like this to completion, hands down the best method is to just get out there and play as many different games as you can. You never know what you might end up winning.