Texas Holdem – What Cards Should I Play?

This is actually one of the most commonly asked questions as far as Texas Holdem is concerned. When playing the game, you must at first treat the cards that you are holding as if they were aces or kings. This is actually the number one rule to do in order to beat the game. But, there is one exception to this rule and it is called premium starting hands. Before we go over this, let us understand what those premium starting hands are.

The premium starting hands are the hands that contain an ace and a king in them. Many ask, when playing which kind of Texas Holdem game to play with which of those two hands, the answer is 10-7 I usually play premium starting hands in any position.

  • If you have ace and a king, you are definitely going to hit the combination of ace and king very often which will double your earnings. The only times that you will not get to draw these cards are when you started from the dealer’s position or you played from the blinds.

The reason why you should always raise when you have ace and a king is very simple. If you raise from early position, the chances are that someone would make a low raise or a person will simply call in order to see the flop and take down the pot. Hence in that sense, you really have very little information and it is best to check, unless you have a very good hand.

  • A lot of new players will often wonder what hands to play after seeing the flop. The answer to this question is 7-5-4. Playing these hands is the best in every situation. The only reason why you would play them is if you hit a pair and you want to make sure that you are the only person in the hand.
  • When you are the dealer, it is best to play low pairs and middle suited connectors. Your job is to make sure that the highest card in the hand is a 10. This is the only time you should call a bet from the player with the highest card in the hand.
  • When you are in the blinds, it is best to semi-bluff, which is to play a hand that is probably not the best, but you have a better chance of winning than losing. For instance, if you are holding 5-6 and the flop is 7-J-5, you have an excellent chance of having the best hand (with 10). Therefore, you should semi-bluff.
  • When you have an ace and a king, which is most probably the best hand for you, you should bet or raise, especially when there are no apparent drawing hands.
  • When you have an ace and a queen, an ace, an ace and a king, all the above cards, you should bet or raise.
  • When you have jack and a ten, you should bet or raise regardless of what the flop card is.
  • When you have 8-9 and the flop is 6-7-10, you should bet, but you should be very careful with a hand like an ace and a king, as you will most likely lose if another raises.
  • When you have a pocket pair in the hand you just folded, you should bet or raise. This is because the odds that you might get a third card are good.
  • Be sure you get a read on your opponent when you have a low hand. If you think that the person will raise with a good hand, you should back off if they bet, but once you realize that they are likely to have a weak hand, you should get out and still be playing for the win.
  • One of the things that make Texas Holdem DewaGG such an exciting game is the fact that everyone will bet when a game is just about to end. That is why people love it when the game is just about to end because they can get a lot of money just by simply leaving it be for a few seconds. You should always watch for the opportunity when you have a good hand and bet accordingly.
  • Never be fooled by the fact that a person that acts dumb is actually holding a good hand. You should still be concerned with what they might have, even if you are trying to read them to your advantage. Some people will try to make a move just to check out if they have a good hand, so you should still operate with caution.