What is Based hosting and Does it Work?

Based ghosting is the term for laying horses to lose by running them in races that are over priced with little chance of winning. The practice of ghosting horses to lose was initiated by a man called Ian Francesco who made a tightly bound book called “The securing of Road Passages in War” back in 1988. Within the pages of this book were many sections that talked about how to price horses in the several betting markets.

iders were aware of this and some began using it successfully to keep laying horses profitable, but not everyone was convinced that this was the key to long term profit.

gression bettingis one of the mainstay systems of horse betting that you will find in the sports section of any bookmakers on the internet. Progression betting was first developed in the early 1980’s and around the same time as the bookies invented odds to beat the un bidding horses.

iders began to develop this into a system of note worthy betting that involved placing horses on a varied number of outcomes based on the odds available. Most punters thought it was madness to bet in this way and just did not understand how it worked. It was thought that by betting insequence that the odds of the horses winning were increased significantly.

However it’s not as simple as it looks because it only takes a trek to the bookies and the betting company will prices your horse accordingly. This means you could actually bank on a profitable lay betting by making just a few poor selections in a sequence. It’s about taking your time and works and concentrating on just a couple of horses that really should win, allowing the odds to fall to the right price for you to make your money.

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Some believe that long term it’s best to back horses in the betting markets because the odds will allow you to make a steady profit. Others suggest that the most important aspect ofbetting is to be completely comfortable with the selection process and not get too greedy. Personally I think this is true of any type of betting but mastering the betting markets is a real test of character and not greed.

One of the best ways to learn the markets is to just sign up to one of the betting exchanges like Betfair or Betdaq. You can watch the market participants and learn from them. If you are new to betting then just play your usual horse betting on Betfair or Betdaq and keep a close eye on your selection. If you are new to betting then just follow the experts recommendations and hone your skills to be a professional.

Once you start thinking about how you could bet on your own horse racing bets, just remember that less is more. You don’t want to bet too much because you can lose a lot of money in just a short space of time.

The majority of horse racing systems can be traced back to the basic premise that money doesn’t grow on trees and that there are lucky or unlucky days. When you see any new system or strategy it’s better to challenge it entirely and start from scratch using your own personal methods.

Personally I like to follow the emergence of different betting opportunities and develop MPO777 strategies to either keep or increase my betting opportunities.

My approach to betting is probably more open ended than most and I like to consider many variables as I bet. As you can see from the above I like to consider odds, form, trainers, jockeys, racecourses, after care, facilities.

Betting on horse racing can be a profitable part of the day if you follow the above tips and you really take the time to understand what you are doing.

I personally also like to use a staking plan that is not based on odds but a method of controlling my betting bank. You might also use this method to improve your win rate.